Friday, June 1, 2018

My Maths investigation! I have a challenge for you to attempt!

Hello there bloggers! I have published my maths investigation, for this week. I found this tricky because finding out which thing it was. The question was....
Some octopuses, fish and a few mermaids are in a rock pool.
Altogether there are 42 arms, 28 eyes and 10 tails in the pool.
How many mermaids are there?

Octopus: 8 arms, 2 eyes, no tails. Fish: 2 eyes, 1 tail, no arms Mermaid:
1 tail, two eyes, 2 arms
How many arms altogether? 8+2=10, 10x (what) = 38     
that would be 3 so that means 3 octopus and 3 mermaids.
There is still 8 left that would add up to one octopus. So 4 octopus and 3 mermaids.
How many eyes? 2x3=6   6x(what)=24 it would be four,
so there would be 4 fish,
How many tails? 1+1=2 2 x (what) = 8 that would be four,
2 of each things that have tails. 2 mermaids and 2 fish.

Mermaid 3+2=5  Octopus: 4 Fish: 4+2=6

I have also a question for the viewers!

there are Fishes, dolphins, and octopuses,
There are 24 eyes and 10 tails, there are also 40 arms how many of each animals is there each?
you can leave your answer along with your comment! The people who got it right I will put your name in my next blog post, plus the answer.  

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