Friday, May 25, 2018

Art: style Batik. The first hippo on the Moon!

This is our art for the week.
We did some Batik art, I found this Art fun and time consuming, waiting for each part to dry.
We had to make Batik art for the book, the first hippo on the moon, this was one of the books we got for hooked on books week. 
I will take you through the steps to make Batik art in the slideshow.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My non Chronological writing, The Freezer

What I have been learning about: Rimu class has been learning how to write a Non-Chronological reports, (meaning not in order)

What I learnt: I learnt that Non Chronological is a nonFiction piece of writing, and it isn't' that easy to write.

What I found difficult: I found writing a non Chronological report hard because I've never written one before.

How have I improved throughout the unit: I think that I have improved through the writing because I am starting to find it easier to write it.

The Freezer

The Freezer is a type of Sandal that is unique to the design and material, this shoe was made by Maya. This shoe is for kids 7 and up preferably for girls due to the design. It was trialed to all the girls in Rimu class for the last 2 months in summer.


The Style of the shoe has straps that wrap around your foot knowing that Jandals can fall off very easily for people that have a small feet. The height of the soul for kids is 4 cm and for the Adult's it is 2 cm. It also comes in couple different colors and patterns, the colors are, Bright pink, purple, light blue, and turquoise. They come in two patterns, plain color,  bubbles, or Triangles, the bubbles and Triangles are a darker main color of the Sandal. They say that a variety of colors and patterns are important for people trying them on have different choices to choose from.


The name “Freezer” has gotten has name from the Material, the Freezer has sponge inside it that can be taken out and soaked in cold water, when this is placed back in between the soul of the shoe the shoe will be cold.

When Sandales get wet they get all squishy and make a very loud sound as well as making the floor wet. The company have made sure that this doesn’t happen, making sure there is a soul under it to stop the sponge from hitting the floor. The company has made sure that the sponge is not going to dry up by sandwiching the sponge in between the soul, and the top. Making sure that the user still gets the nice cold feeling.


This shoe currently 30 dollars caused by how difficult it is to make. They are bringing the price down after they figure out another easier way to make the material.

The difference between the Adults and children is that they come in different colors, they also make the sponge smaller making the soul less high.

This shoe is for Adults and kids who do not like taking there shoes off but don’t like their feet hot. 80 percent said that the shoe was really good and they would love to use it when they want. This is a popular shoe that people are buying.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Enchanted staff The End!

Chapter 8

DUN DUN DUN! And very dramatic music started to sound, and what stood on the tower was
the figure, the figure again, DUN DUN DUN! And fireworks shot up into the air, unfortunately…
“hot hot hot hot!, turn them off!” and the people went and took them off “Now, greetings my
fellow.. Fellow.. Uh, give me the paper!” “ok Now, let me restart, greetings my fellow thieves,
looks like you have.. THE ENCHANTED STAFF!” and he pointed at it “If you don’t hand it
over you will have to fight my fellow troops” said the figure “Never! We are never handing it
to you, after trying to capture us” said Jedi turning away from Him, “well you get to start the
battle of first” said the figure, “let’s go!” Jedi said, (the sound of silence) “how do we fight?”
asked Mika “You go first” Said Mia to the figure “No you” said the figure “Aren’t you the bad
guys, wouldn’t you want to go first?!” said Nikita “No YOU” said the figure standing up now,
“You” said Jedi “no YOU!” said the figure “You!” said Parwin “NO YOU!” said the figure “sorry
to disappoint you, but it’s five against one, for YOU to go first” said Mika, “Is it because Eben
and Mikeal are selling pancakes that we want him to go first?” asked Nikita “Nikita it has
nothing to do with the boys” said Jedi, “It’s cause we’re better at running away not going head
on…” said Parwin. “I heard that!” said the figure, “if you like running then… Three!” and all of
them turned around into running positions “Two!” “one!”

Chapter nine
Is this a race?

“One!” said the figure “whoa whoa! Is this a race or something?” said Mia “yea, I thought you said you
like running!?” asked the figure “ well I guess so…” said Parwin “then why are you disappointed about
t? Whoever wins the race gets the staff!” said the figure “if It’s for the staff I’m in!” said Mia “same” said Nikita, and everybody else nodded, “let me restart!” said the figure “three!” “two” “one!” “go!” and they sped off! Running as fast as they can, “I think we should go to places that they are hard to follow!” Jedi whispered, “confusion!” said Nikita and Mia excitedly. Swirling and running around, that group of things came after us, struggling to keep up through the small gaps and spaces. They did have the staff still, which was a mistake that the figure had chosen. They kept running until “beep!” a big horn went, and they had done it they had won! “Congratulations… for your loss!” said the figure snickering, there stood was a thing it was in front of us, it had won…

Chapter ten
It can’t be!

They stared at the creature, there was nothing to do now it was done, “you can hand the staff over to me now!” said the figure, they slowly handed the staff over then… boom! Suddenly a great gusto of smoke came flying over the area causing them to be blinded, was it the figure or was it the staff? That was the question, after the smoke had cleared we could see. It was the staff! It had magically disappeared, the friends stood there astonished, even the figure was surprised. “How… did… that... Happen?!” said Nikita confused, “I dunno it went poof! And then it went poof! And disappeared!” said Mia using her arms as actions, “I don’t think anyone knows!” said Mika “it can’t be, it can’t be!” screamed the figure and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. “Well that’s sorted!” said Parwin Proudly “I want to eat!” exclaimed Jedi “good point we haven’t eaten much at all!” said Mia “let’s go get something!” said Nikita excitedly, “so what shall we have?” asked Parwin “ what about some Waffles from
Mikeal and Eben!” said Nikita “No no they probably sold out!” said Jedi, and they went chatting away. And it’s up to you to think of another story were the staff disappeared to...


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Enchanted staff #7

Chapter 7

The staff glowed in the darkness which helped since it was dark inside, and they just had a little idea of what the staff could do “whoever these creatures are, I’m not letting them get the staff!” said Mia fiercely, “I think we should just go to sleep…” yawned Nikita. “Ok, good night” said Mia, and they went to sleep…

The next day they woke up to a nice morning when “eihh!” Something had screamed something in a very high pitched voice, They looked outside through a hole. “Oh No..” “not these guys again!” said Parwin, well it seems like the five of them know these creatures, in the previous story, the story of the book. They had encountered the illusion police men but these guys were real! “Arhhhh!” and Parwin rammed through the rock, leaving a big hole in the hideout. One after another they went out of the hideout running for their lives with the staff in their hands, “Run run run run run!” screamed Mia, “stay calm.... Listen to the roaring of” “no time for meditation Mika!” Mia shouted “ok let’s turn left!” Parwin said They zoomed down the driveways were they did disturb some people, but it was worth it because it slowed them down. Fortunately, Eben and Mikael were selling french toast and waffles which attracted some very greedy group of people. Well now they had to hope for the best.

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the fourth be with you!

May the fourth be with you!

This is my creation for May the fourth, we got to choose who/what we wanted to create and had instructions to follow. I did Princess Leia for my creation. The hardest part for me was cutting around the hands and gluing the skirt together. 

This is the parts for the creation

Please try it out at

Thursday, May 3, 2018

My artwork for the week

This is my artwork for the week, the words the shape make sort of look like a hat or helmet to me, even though the words are small and hard to read, I hope you enjoy! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Enchanted staff #5 #6

Sorry everyone that I haven't been posting the rest of my story, This time I gave you two chapters to read! (One's long, one's short)

Chapter 5
The plan, the escape, what about the staff!

“So I think that in midnight, this place is unguarded, so that’s when we will escape!” said Parwin proudly, “But where in the world is a gap we can fit through” asked Mia, Parwin pointed to the roof “that hole on the roof up there” “how are we supposed to get up there though?” Jedi asked, “well we can lift Mia up first since she’s light, and then I can go up, then if we can pull Mika up, and Jedi, we should be able to pull Nikita up in the end!” Parwin said, Nikita said “well finally you have a decent plan!” “I thought I always had a pretty good plan!” “Now at the strike of midnight we move!” Mia proudly said

Ding dong ding dong! As the bell rang, Mia went up through the hole carefully, then Parwin, Jedi. It came down to the last two people, and we heaved Mika up, but Nikita was pretty easy to get up. “To retrieve the staff!” Mia stomped “not so fast Mia!” Mia froze in a running position and looked back at Nikita, “we can’t just run into the building, imagen if there were security cameras or alarms!” “good point!” said Mia.

They snuck into the building carefully dodging the cameras. They made to the end of the hallway, and silintly looked around, “I think we should split up, Mia come with me and Nikita” said Parwin. They left Mika and Jedi to explore the other side while they went right.

Chapter 6 (Mia Nikita Parwin)
Outta here!

Mia, Nikita and Parwin, softly stepped around the room where it led to, the cold dark mist from freezers, and coolers. From the corner of Parwins eye, she saw a glimmer down into another room, Parwin rushed down the hallway, and snatched the staff out of the holder and ran back to us, suddenly, beep! Beep! Beep! A siren went of and we raced out of the room “what did you do!” Mia shouted “I just took the staff and that thing went off!” Parwin shouted back “you didn’t think did you!” said Nikita. “Stop talking and run!” Screamed Mia, they ran down into the rooms and down the hallway looking for a way out.

Until the next time...