Sunday, July 22, 2018

Brass band National Championships 2018

Hello there!
I'm back and have published all about the brass band national contest. 
I have put photos and some things about each day and what it's about.
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

This term I think that I have worked well on Maths since this term we had quite a variety of questions from Percentages and Fraction to Geometry were we learned about decagons and area of a circle. I also think that this term I have worked better on managing my time since most of the time I get most things finished, I also have learned that I can do it at home when I’m not busy.

I think that I am proud of my reading, reading has been my weakest point in the subjects Maths, Reading, and Writing. I was so happy that I moved a up a level, I noticed that instead of just using “I think that means” I have started to do some other ones like “I wonder…” or “I know this because” Now that my group has done all the questions, hopefully we get to choose!

I have shown H this term by being hydrated and doing lots of running for the cross country. I have realized that staying hydrated is a big thing in life, our teachers have been definitely talking about this term and in. Running has been one of my favorite things to do, and since I have a fast friend, Mika, tag is a great game.

I have shown E this term for being, well, pretty much really motivated about this terms inquiry. The start of the term I was sooo excited to see what our topic was, It was space and science! I love space, and I go to adult sections to find space books like, Space atlas, it’s a great book, if you would like to read you can find it at the Riccarton library under Space and Science. That’s why I have been really excited this term, excited enough to make own book about dwarf planets.

I have shown R this week for making good choices, I think that I have made good choices in my learning to now what's best for me. I also think that I have been a role model this term helping out when we got into little groups, since I’m not much of a person who likes to speak up, I am quiet shy.

I have shown O this term for trying new things, this term we have been working on lots of different types of writing, reading questions, and Maths like I said in the first paragraph. I think that trying new things are really important, my parents told me that persuasive writing is important in lots of ways.

There are some things that haven’t gone too well for me, I sometimes get a bit worried and a bit panicky when I am away for a day or so. I feel like I have to finish everything, and I’m always asking the teachers and my friends questions.

To make a better choice or decision I think that I should make a timetable or doc to keep track of my work, hopefully I might get some time at home to work on it. This way I know what I need to complete to get my full reward time.

What challenged me this term was all the different types of styles or types of writing, reading, Maths that we have done, I have mentioned this already. The things that we're really tricky we're Non Chronological writing. I found this really challenging because it was nothing like Narratives or recounts. Narratives are normally totally off your imagination, I think that I am pretty good at that. Recounts are things that have happened, in the past tense, it's like writing you past down into a doc or a piece of paper. Newspaper reports wasn’t too tricky because I could just write down what I think is a newspaper report.

I worked through the challenge by making sure that I had understood everything (reason why I ask a lot of questions) I think that my writing at the start wasn’t very good but when I improved it, it sounded so much better.

My focus on next term would be about what my better decision should be. I do get a bit worried and my brain just gets all muddled up, so I think that having a checklist (thank you Mrs Taylor and Mrs Spragg for making lists on the board) would help me a lot.

I would like to say that this term was a blast, probably one of the best, (I hope that you’re happy, Mrs Spragg Mrs Taylor) I know that I won’t be seeing you for two weeks, but please have a great break (hopefully you do) from Rimu (I can say great work!) Please wish me luck on my National contest!

Thank you Mrs Spragg and Mrs Taylor.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

How to do: Translation, Reflection, Rotation!

This is some of the maths that we have been doing this week. This shows you how to do Reflection, Translation, and Rotation.

My Poetry Anthology

This is My Poetry Anthology.
This is a slide that we have been working on over the term learning different types of poems.
The one that I found hardest was the Alliteration poem, I had to find lot's off words with the same letter at the start. Although the alteration poems are my favorite.

Please enjoy reading the poems!

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Newspaper!

Hello bloggers! I am back again with my newspaper that our class has been working on. I haven't finished this yet but this is how it's going so far. It was something that we as a class haven't tried it before, firstly we used the site MakemyNewspaper but it was glitching and wasn't working very well, I ended up doing it on a document, the words are a bit blurry since the words are on an inserted drawing onto the document. Do you think that my newspaper looks like a newspaper, or do you think I should try to change the layout? please give me some feedback.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Camp 2018!

Camp 2018 was a blast!
I'm not going to tell you much about my trip since I have a quiz for you!
You will find some of these (----) in my slide, those are words that you have to find in my story on the next pages, they are underlined!

I found camp so fun this year! My favorite was orienteering and aroe jump, I also loved the maypole there. The trickest activity was rock climbing, it was much harder than I thought.

Now enjoy my story!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Maths this week: Measurements

Hello! This is my work for this week's math, we are learning about measurements I didn't put all the questions in but her are some, these questions were not too hard but this is how I figured it out.

I found hard when doing the angles of obtuse and finding out what the angle is.