Friday, May 11, 2018

My non Chronological writing, The Freezer

What I have been learning about: Rimu class has been learning how to write a Non-Chronological reports, (meaning not in order)

What I learnt: I learnt that Non Chronological is a nonFiction piece of writing, and it isn't' that easy to write.

What I found difficult: I found writing a non Chronological report hard because I've never written one before.

How have I improved throughout the unit: I think that I have improved through the writing because I am starting to find it easier to write it.

The Freezer

The Freezer is a type of Sandal that is unique to the design and material, this shoe was made by Maya. This shoe is for kids 7 and up preferably for girls due to the design. It was trialed to all the girls in Rimu class for the last 2 months in summer.


The Style of the shoe has straps that wrap around your foot knowing that Jandals can fall off very easily for people that have a small feet. The height of the soul for kids is 4 cm and for the Adult's it is 2 cm. It also comes in couple different colors and patterns, the colors are, Bright pink, purple, light blue, and turquoise. They come in two patterns, plain color,  bubbles, or Triangles, the bubbles and Triangles are a darker main color of the Sandal. They say that a variety of colors and patterns are important for people trying them on have different choices to choose from.


The name “Freezer” has gotten has name from the Material, the Freezer has sponge inside it that can be taken out and soaked in cold water, when this is placed back in between the soul of the shoe the shoe will be cold.

When Sandales get wet they get all squishy and make a very loud sound as well as making the floor wet. The company have made sure that this doesn’t happen, making sure there is a soul under it to stop the sponge from hitting the floor. The company has made sure that the sponge is not going to dry up by sandwiching the sponge in between the soul, and the top. Making sure that the user still gets the nice cold feeling.


This shoe currently 30 dollars caused by how difficult it is to make. They are bringing the price down after they figure out another easier way to make the material.

The difference between the Adults and children is that they come in different colors, they also make the sponge smaller making the soul less high.

This shoe is for Adults and kids who do not like taking there shoes off but don’t like their feet hot. 80 percent said that the shoe was really good and they would love to use it when they want. This is a popular shoe that people are buying.

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